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76; Bill at 490-5772, Jack at 490-7663, or Bernie at 490-8867.
  • Freddie biopic back on with Cohen
    The long-awaited Freddie Mercury biopic appears to be back on schedule after Queen manager Jim Beach announced that Sacha Baron Cohen has taken charge of the project.
  • Megadeth release Adler tease
    Megadeth have posted an image of Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler in a band shirt adding to speculation that he's part of the band for their 15th album.
  • Van Halen to miss Tremonti tour
    Wolfgang Van Halen wont tour with the band in support of upcoming album Cauterize, hes confirmed.
  • Vai ties live album with online event
    Steve Vai will interact with fans next month during an online Q&A session to tie in with the release of his album Stillness In Motion - Vai Live in LA.
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